The Sun is a PRIMARY SOURCE of energy, giving light and life to our planet.

South Africa has sunshine all year round and its annual solar radiation at 2200W/m2 is one of the highest in the world making solar energy the most readily accessible power resource available to you.

At Real Time Solar, we harvest this abundant natural energy and convert it into electricity, bringing solar energy to your home, business, farm or utility project as a viable energy source to power your world through tailored solutions engineered to meet your energy needs and objectives.

Benefits of solar

  • Power Supply

    Reliable power when you need it most to effectively run your business and ensure the quality daily life.

  • Sustainability

    By using a renewable energy power source, you contribute towards preserving the planet while also reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Cost Savings & increased value

    Save on your utility bills from day one while also benefiting from tax incentives.

  • Property Value

    A solar power solution investment also increases the value of your property.

  • More Control

    Putting the power back into your hands with an independent energy source.

  • Manage Energy

    Monitor and manage your energy usage through digital energy management tools.


As your energy partner, Real Time Solar offers you the latest in energy solar solutions, flexible and customised to your needs at the lowest running cost, for maximum performance and returns. Our experienced and award winning team is geared to engineer a custom solar solution for your home, business, agricultural, industrial or utility project across different industries at various scales.

RTS’ methodology includes a tailored and modular approach for expansion while using quality components with credible warranties that require low maintenance. Purchasing options include outright purchases of systems or Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). *Leasing and finance options will be available in the near future.

WE OFFER 3 GROUPS OF TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS: Grid-tied, Hybrid and Off-grid
AND 3 FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS: Outright Purchase, Lease and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).


A Grid-Tied or On-Grid solar solution is designed to produce power and has no battery back-up and is connected to the electricity grid. It is the most common and affordable available system.

This type of solution is ideal for commercial, industrial and agricultural installations with the objective of saving on utility costs.

A solar inverter is used to convert DC power from your solar panels into AC power which is then fed into your, business, farm, project or back into the grid.


Hybrid solar solutions combine solar energy production and grid connection with battery storage in one solution.

The objective is to save costs while also securing power in the batteries ready for when you need it most.

Due to the advancement of technologies and decreasing cost of battery storage this is a viable and ideal solution for residential and commercial installations ensuring cost savings and productivity by having a consistent power supply available.


Off-Grid or Stand-alone solar solutions are not connected to the electricity grid and requires battery banks to store excess and planned power to use at night or when the sun is not shining.

All the power is generated by solar panels. This is an ideal solution in instances where mains power is not available or if you would like to become completely grid independent.



Installation & Commission